SSB Course

Joining Instruction of AMAS 74TH Batch





1.            WELCOME TO AMAS TRAINING – The Gurukul Of SSB & Personality Development during this 3- week   offline class. We at AMAS will guide you through the various aspects of your SSB preparation so that at the time of testing you are thoroughly equipped to face any question or challenge that you may come across.

2.            The 3 week  offline SSB course will commence on 15 JUL  2024  from 08:30hr at AMAS TRAINING INSTITUTE, 39 B Knowledge Park 1,  Greater Noida. 


3.            Dress & Turnout code for classes: - All of you are  expected to be (formally) dressed for  the  classes..

                (a)          Your hair must be neatly cut and trimmed.

                (b)          Sikh men must wear proper turban neatly.

                (c)          Wear formal dress (full sleeves shirt and pant, Full length shocks, formal shoes for boys ,girls (No bellies) ) for classroom sessions. Carry one track suit lower and one collared T-shirt (White color) and a pair of sneakers( to be worn on the GTO  ground  activity day only). Informal  tracksuits will  not be permitted in class. One tie should  be  carried along ,  to be  worn  during the  interview.

4.            Stationary :-       Please get   the following stationary items -

 a ) Two A4 size hardbound registers(250pages each ) [1 for classwork & 1 for homework]

b) 2-3 Pens(Blue & Black ) & 2 highlighter pens(Yellow & Orange) 

c) Blank physical & political map- India and the world maps(2 each),

d) sticky flags ,page markers,  12 inch scale,

e) one pencil, eraser, stapler, & stapler pins

f) Permanent marker pens. 

g) fevistick 

5.            Discipline :-

(a)          We expect you to behave in an officer like manner. Well groomed, polite and disciplined. Show good respect for nation and respect for woman.  I am sure you all will show exemplary behavior in the class.

                (b)          Politeness in behavior is our forte.

                (c)          Put your chest number and name as your Identity                                                        in the class.

                (d)          Mobile  phones  will not  be  permitted during                                                          classes. 

6.            Punctuality :-     We expect you to be punctual and  reach the Institute on time for the class. On  arrival  day  reaching  time is 7:45am.  On other days all must reach by 8.25am. No  entry after 8.30am.

7.           Timing:-                                                                                                 

             (a) Classes  will be  there  till 16:30hr daily . Reporting time everyday day  is 8:30am. Lunch break  will of 20 min duration. Those  staying  in PG  will  get the  lunch  at the   institute. Those  coming from  home  must carry lunchbox.

8.            PG Charges: -       If you are staying in SHIV SHAKTI PG the charges will be Rs 8,200/- (this  includes 3 times meals and pick and drop to the institutes ) for three weeks. PG Fees will  be  directly paid  to  the PG  owner.. All candidates  who  wish to  stay in PG  are requested to speak to the PG manager and book  your  seat  in PG in advance. 

(* travel to  Delhi/ other  parts  of  NCR  takes 60-70  min one way due  to traffic. Hence  not  recommended for  daily travel).

9.            Fees :-    Total tuition Fee for  3 weeks Offline course –  Rs 28,000/- (excluding the PG charge).

       *Amount is  to be deposited in Canara Bank (Current Account No 94511010000597, IFSC code CNRB0019451), Name of Account- AMAS Training Pvt. Ltd. Fees can also  be  paid in  cash  on arrival. Cheques  will not be accepted.

                No Installments permitted. Fees once deposited will not be refunded .

10.          The Orientation Session will be take place on 12 JUL 2024  from 13:00hr to 14:00hr (tentative time) on ZOOM . All the students, who have registered must join the orientation session which will include:-

           a)               Basic instructions of Offline class by Manager.

           b)              Introductions by  the  Sr. Coordinator.

           c)               Opening Address by Director AMAS.

11.      Candidates are requested to carry the following documents and items on the arrival day at AMAS Training Institute :-  

            (a) Documents (all are mandatory ) -  

                      i) Adhaar card Photocopy (Self attested)

                     ii) Three passport size photographs.

                     iii) Duly signed “Risk Certificate ”  from parents .

            (b) Mosquito repellent .

            (c) Coffee Mug for refreshment (mandatory)